• We connect YOU to the best care professionals in the industry.
  • Just by telling us how you are feeling today - we can suggest possible causes, conditions, treatments and health professionals near you.
  • We help agents provide their clients with the best 360 degrees experience.

Patients, Doctors and Agents in one community.

Oh, and its absolutely FREE.

  • Create group chat rooms and collaborate.
  • Secured conversations.
  • Create unlimited chat rooms.
  • Blog about anything under the sun.

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* Each license comes with free updates and priority support for the first 12 months. Should you need updates and priority support after the first 6 months, a yearly subscription for those can be purchased at 20% of licensing costs. Licensing costs are calculated as current CareCRM price plus the cost of extra users, if applicable. If more than 6 months have passed since the last update and priority support subscription purchase, late update subscription fee calculated as 60% of licensing costs applies.

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