Fueled by passion for Care and Wellness

Finding care shouldn't feel like rocket science.

About CareParrot

CareParrot's vision is to make healthcare now a community effort and easily accessible to the masses. It's too difficult these days to do it all alone. CareParrot is designed to evolve as our Company and Members evolve and grow together. We continue to get to know you, will make recommendations based on your history, help predict what the next step in your journey should be.

We don't talk about our competition because we have none. We are unique and the first of our kind. We are not just a health insurance quote engine, we are a CareCommunity. Our quote engine is absolutely free, as will be most of our services. Free to sign up, Free to learn. Care for a friend and invite them. Money's great, but what's really important is being STRESS FREE so you can be around to enjoy it.

Stay informed, be involved, plan smarter, live better.