Changes or updates your plans


  1. The only way to change plans now is if you experience a qualifying life event like getting married, having a baby or losing other coverage.

  2. Find out if you qualify for a Special Enrollment.

  3. If you don’t qualify you should still update your information to avoid having to pay money back when you file your taxes. It is also to your advantage to update your information so you don’t miss out on additional savings.

  4. If you (or someone on your plan) enrolled in Marketplace coverage but have since gotten coverage elsewhere — like through a job, Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP — you can cancel your Marketplace coverage for everyone on your application or just certain people at any time. You can also end your Marketplace plan without replacing it.

But keep in mind: You may have to pay a penalty for the months you don’t have health insurance, and for 2016, the fee is higher than ever. Nobody plans to get sick or hurt, but bad things happen — even to healthy people — and having medical debt can really limit your options.